Must Have Tech for Public Safety

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Public safety crews need mission-critical technology to allow you to focus on your front-line work and tech support that is on-call while you are. Rapidly evolving technology is helping solve challenges including increased scrutiny, constrained budgets, and security risks, Here is the must have tech for public safety agencies.

The general public is already recording video, you need agency perspective footage that captures the entire encounter without edits. With increased scrutiny of public service organizations and their community interactions, many leaders are looking to transparency solutions like equipping their field crews with body-worn cameras. Physical altercations, theft accusations, and malpractice concerns can quickly become management and public relation crises. Body-worn camera technology captures what the eye misses, what the ear did not hear, and what the mind has forgotten, providing an accurate record of every interaction. Studies have shown up to a 40% increase in the accuracy of reports when the option to review recordings of what had happened is utilized.

Telematics with Smart Cameras detects and displays driver and environmental data to improve dispatching, safety, accountability, and efficiency. GPS tracking makes sure the closest unit is dispatched while real-time monitoring provides insight into fuel usage, speed, distractions, and other maintenance metrics. In-car smart camera technology for public safety helps with scene credibility, call compliance, and training footage. Telematics functionality helps reduce accidents, distracted driving, and other safety violations with a combination of GPS tracking and AI-equipped smart cameras for external and in-cab monitoring.

Engineered to withstand the harshest environments, outfitting your mobile workforce with rugged devices provides them with secure, reliable, and durable access to your company data and communications while working in the field. Rugged devices improve field communication, evidence and patient data collection and retrieval, and connectivity to cooperating agencies. Public Safety crews are working long shifts and it is critical they can access databases and dispatch immediately. It is critical they are equipped with rugged devices that have longer-life and bridge batteries for continuous use, embedded wireless antennas for superior connectivity, and compliance software for strenuous data security.

These advanced technology solutions can work together as a seamlessly integrated network that can protect agency personnel and the public and private communities they serve. Pearl Solutions Group are specialist in planning, implementing, and managing mobile workforce systems for public service agencies focused on reliability, integrity, and security.

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