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Police Mobile Technology Services

Emergency services are dependent on secure and reliable communications and rugged IT networks and equipment. Computer-aided dispatching; emergency alert systems; license plate reading; live body camera situation monitoring; and the sharing of intelligence, alerts, and operational plans all need competent and secure IT support. Pearl Solutions Group provides the mission-critical technology that allows you to focus on your front-line work and tech support that is on-call while you are. We are specialists in planning, implementing, and managing mobile workforce systems focused on reliability, integrity, and security. 



Maintain efficiency and effectiveness by providing your officers with the best hardware solutions that are made tough like your responders and can perform in the harshest of environments.

Put an end to slow speeds, untimely connection failures, unsecured networks, and data breach environments with high performing, secure wireless solutions.

Improve GPS dispatching to make sure the closest unit is responding and simultaneously monitor fuel usage, speed, and safe driving with telematics.


Maintain the integrity of each call and avoid the risks of questioned conduct, hurried documentation, or memory gaps with body cameras that provide transparent and accurate footage of the situation.


Secure the personal data you collect, transmit, and store within your agency and across all devices with proactive cybersecurity.

Rugged Computers

Engineered to withstand in the harshest environments, the durability extends beyond physical components to offer longer-life and bridge batteries for continuous use, embedded wireless antennas for superior connectivity, and compliance software for strenuous data security. Learn More

    Automatic License Plate Readers (ALPR)

    Scan passing license plates and cross-reference registration numbers against stolen vehicle warrants, suspect watchlists or active Amber Alerts with matches alerting officers to aid in quick apprehensions.

    Mounting Equipment

    Safely secure mobile communication systems, computers, and other tech equipment in fleet vehicles. Includes cradles and docking stations that can be installed as pedestal, console, dash, and motion-function systems.

    Secure Wi-Fi

    Superior devices and network that reliably connect front-line public safety crews with the mobile workforce system they need for safety, accuracy, and efficiency.

    Body-Worn & In-Car Cameras

    Durable cameras that run on secure networks and feature wide-angle lenses, night vision, and emergency SOS button that activates live-stream video and GPS location. High-quality footage capture as early as 60 seconds prior to recording. Learn More



    Proactive protection of the sensitive and secure evidence data collected and transmitted through public safety efforts including government record access and personal information. Learn More

    Pearls of wisdom

    ”Pearl is proactive and very responsive. The team understands emergency services and they address issues quickly. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a managed services partner.”

    Greg Miller, Ed.S., EFO, CFO
    Sumner County Emergency Medical Service
    Sumner County, Tennessee

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