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We are a technology company that knows how to make technology work in your fleet vehicles. Our specialists understand vehicle power systems, the variety of mounting requirements as well as the WIFI access needs to ensure your users can successfully do their jobs. 

Let our team of specialists design the best mobile technology solution for your vehicle-based users. We can help with planning and performing the installation and training on all equipment and software products. To find out how, you can schedule a free consult.  

Decrease downtime

With over 20 years of technical support, our IT pros are standing by to assist you with the equipment in the office as well as your vehicles.  We get you back to work quickly. You can expect reduced downtime, increased productivity and lower overall expenses.

Industries we support:

  • Utilities
  • Material Handling
  • State and Local Government
  • EMS
  • Fire
  • Police

The best products

Your success is our number one priority because we know that in some cases people’s lives depend on technology working. That’s why we use only with the best mobile technology and mounting products on the market. 

When it comes to getting your technology working the first time, you want to partner with someone that has the experience and expertise with not only the computer equipment, but also wiring and mounting. You don’t want your mobile employees to be stranded because of battery issues.

We can provide an end-to-end solution that is second to none on the market using the best equipment and products for your vehicles. Schedule a FREE design consultation today. 

Mobility Products

Rugged laptops, tablets, keyboards and accessories

Mobile printers

Software for speech recognition, MDM, battery maintenance and camera systems

Camera Systems

Body and Car


Power and Connectivity Solutions

Device power management: wiring and timers

Battery protection

cellular cards in devices, external modems, antennas

Mounting Solutions


Console boxes


Our Mobile Workforce Solutions

Design and Integration Services

We always involve our technical specialists – as well as our vendors – in the sales process so we can help you see the best options for your business. Our understanding of the requirments of fleet professionals and what IT departments need to ensure the device is working property at all times allows us to make recommendations that others simply can’t make.

We have strong vendor and custom manufacturer relationships that allow us to find or create the right solution for your business. Our specialists develop prototypes for you to see and test to ensure they meet your expectations.

Making sure everything works together can be overwhelming, but the goal is to bridge the gap between your fleet professionals and IT team. We know what they both are trying to accomplish and can help each other understand how the pieces will all fit together. We lead the integration discussions with your teams to ensure everything you purchase will work together and won’t be a support nightmare.


Since our specialists work with your team during the sales process, we know the installation design will be completed to proper specifications. From there, we package the components into a single “kit” that can be shipped onsite or to your up-fitter for final installation. This is a huge time-saver.  

Our kitting process includes pre-wiring and assembling any components off site to ensure everything is completed in the same manner. We know having consistency across your fleet makes support a lot easier on your team. 

When your team receives their new devices, they’ll be ready to go because we know how to leverage uptime. As part of every project, we:

  • Create and maintain system images of specific devices and keep them updated. When you order new devices, they are already current. 
  • Perform initial setup of your device, install software and configure any necessary business applications on your new computers/tablets. 
  • Install accessories on your devices, so your team doesn’t have to worry about getting them installed in the field. 

By standardizing this process across your fleet, we take the management of vehicle computer mounting and installation, device updates and service calls out of your hands. Especially when considering a large fleet, the time and cost savings are significant.


Pearl Solutions Group can plan and design all the components of installation and service including configuration and testing. We have a depth of experience with complex installations and use best practices on every job large or small because we’ve done this thousands of times.

Our team of experts run all wiring from the battery to all devices, testing all components and timer to ensure everything is functioning as expected. We provide checklists after we are complete, so you know what has been done on each vehicle. 

We’ll work with your team to understand your specific requirements and timeframe for rollout. You can feel reassured that we will manage the overall project, so you can focus on the day-to-day requirements of running your business.

Help Desk and Technical Support

By combining our depth of experience in providing IT help desk and support services to commercial organizations and selling and installing solutions for thousands of utility and public safety vehicles we have a unique ability to support first responder organizations more effectively than anyone else in the market.

With over two decades of IT help desk and support experience serving small to midmarket companies and public agencies, we have the depth of experience to support first responders better than other companies in the market.

First Responders computers and cameras need to work when it counts. This is why you need a proactive partner to monitor and update your systems daily and to identify problems before they occur. Our staffed help desk has the expertise you need so your team can focus on protecting their community. We can support the rugged computer, camera(s), mounting equipment, cellular/WIFI modems and related wiring in all your vehicles. Even if we didn’t perform the initial installation.

Our help desk has experience supporting public safety customers and understands the issues they might come across and address most issues over the phone. We can contact your internal support team if a site visit is required to address the issue.

If you are looking for a proactive partner to manager your systems on a day-to-day basis, ask us about our Managed Services offering.

Pearls of wisdom

”Pearl Solutions Group provides Laclede Gas in-field support for Panasonic Toughbook’s installations in vehicles. Pearl always keeps on a schedule to correct deficiencies with minimal disruption to Laclede’s fleet operation. They plan the necessary work to correct and repair all issues surrounding the Panasonic PC operations in Laclede’s fleet, provide professional expertise and are very personable and detailed about their work. The field work maintained the planned schedule that was established and was completed on-time regardless of the weather conditions. Pearl’s commitment to providing customer service with minimal disruption is very much appreciated. Pearl performed whatever additional requests that were made by Laclede and work was completed to the satisfaction of Laclede Gas. Pearl’s professionalism and workmanship was very much appreciated.”

— Dave Sherman
Senior Project EngineerLaclede Gas

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