Pearl Solves Manufacturing IT

Pearl Solves Manufacturing IT

We know you need a reliable, efficient, and secure IT network that connects your office, support, and production teams. Pearl solutions Group is experienced in planning, managing, and securing complex IT networks including the digital transformation software, hardware, and other endpoints manufacturing companies need to remain profitable and competitive. 

Our full-time, in-house technical experts and additional support staff are available when you need us, providing personable service to our customers 24/7. We are committed to relieving the burden of IT program management. We offer flexible contracts that are built for your unique operation and budget without nickel and diming you. Everything we do is 100% guaranteed.


Who we serve

Our manufacturing customers typically have between 30 to 300 technology workers. We are helping them solve common pain points including unreliable and unsecure networks, incompatible software, and employee communication breakdowns across their headquarters, remote locations, and production floor.  If you are interested in driving sustainable growth with a secure and solid IT infrastructure that’s rooted in best practices and value a happier and more productive team, we can help make that easy.

    How we solve

    We understand how it can seem impossible to keep up to date with technology. We help to solve IT for you by making sure that your equipment and software “just work,” so you and your team can be productive in the office or out on site. We are also there to guide and figure out what it is that your company needs from an infrastructure and cybersecurity standpoint.

    Common challenges that we help solve:

    • Haphazard IT strategy
    • All IT operations are with one person
    • Need system upgrades
    • Current IT team is stretched too thin
    • Not sure about security and getting hacked
    • Unconnected/Incompatible office and production floor software applications and data.

    We know you’re not an IT expert, and that you must make decisions that impact employee morale; profitability and expenses; and growth. We work with you to make sure you have strategic and efficient IT with a happier, more productive team.

    Seven reasons you will want to work with us

    1. We are easy to work with. You will like working with our team. Our leadership team and technical staff love what we do and it shows in how we work with our clients every day. Our services are flexible, scaling and customizing based on what is right for your individual business.

    2. We are specialists in planning, implementing, and managing complex IT networks that include a variety of endpoints, devices, and in-house and third-party software and data. We focus on making sure your office, remote, and production teams have reliable and secure access on high-speed networks to ensure efficiency.

    3. Pearl has been in business for over 25 years and has a technical team of highly skilled professionals, so we are not learning on your dime. We actively pursue and train our team on new production and engineering technologies and visualization solutions that will improve the operations of our manufacturing clients.

    4. We answer the phones live during normal business hours and 24 x 7 with a call service that alerts our on-call team for emergencies. We know production lines don’t work 8-5 and we don’t either. We will make sure you can reach someone when you need help.

    5. Pearl believes security is a critical foundation which means giving business owners peace of mind. Our leadership and technical teams are constantly learning new cybersecurity technologies and strategies so we can better protect your plant equipment, organization endpoints, sensitive business data, and more against internal and external threats.

    6. We live, work, and play in our key cities so our team is never far from your facility. Most of the time we can assist clients remotely, but we know the value of being able to go onsite to work with users and systems. We make sure our team can get to you without having to get on a plane.

    7. We stand behind our service with a 100% money-back guarantee. We are confident in our team and the processes we have created. If you are not happy with our service any given month, and we are not able to address the issue to your satisfaction, we will give you a full credit for your monthly fee.

    Managed Services

    Use our IT Operations when:

    • Your team needs 24/7 IT support
    • Users issues aren’t being resolved in a timely manner
    • You require more from your current IT solution

    Professional Services

    Use our Consulting and Implementation Division when:

    • You’re interested in cloud services
    • You want a Microsoft Partner
    • You need to address your network or IT infrastructure


    Use our Cybersecurity Services because:

    • You’re not “too small” to be at risk
    • Your employees are not being trained to look for malicious emails
    • Your security plans are reactive

    Mobile Workforce

    Use our mobile workforce services if your business:

    • Has field staff or estimators
    • Requires rugged, dependable equipment
    • Needs secure, reliable remote connection

    Pearls of wisdom


    Jim Gossrau
    Chief Operating Officer
    C. Bennett

    “Pearl will exceed your expectations! Pearl has freed up my time to advance the business rather than fix everyone else’s issues. Instead of inventing solutions to problems I do not know how to solve, I tell my employees to call Pearl because they fix any issue we throw their way! Responding quickly and answering every question imaginable. They are such a great value and I recommend their Managed Services to anyone.”

    Pat Wessels
    Vice President

    “Our customers ask that our trucks get concrete to the job on time every time.  That requires our plant locations to be connected to our network at all times.  Pearl helped us insure that our Internet was set up and working properly in all locations and Pearl continues to actively monitor and manage all of our networking equipment.  They also helped us set up a disaster recovery site and ensure fail overs were working successfully.  Pearl is a trusted partner and we recommend them to anyone interested in their expertise.”

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