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Fleet workers are among the original remote work professionals challenged with how they can work efficiently, safely, and cooperatively with base operations. Telematics is the tool that allows organizations to optimize their fleet resources by detecting and displaying driver and environmental data to improve dispatching, safety, accountability, and efficiency.

GPS tracking makes sure the closest unit is dispatched while real-time monitoring provides insight into fuel usage, speed, distractions, and other safety metrics.


Reduce accidents, distracted driving, and other safety violations with a combination of GPS tracking and AI-equipped smart cameras for external and in-cab monitoring.


Support environmental initiatives, validate citizen claims, ensure jobsite compliance, improve community image.

Understand environmental factors with 360° video to exonerate drivers or create remedial training if necessary.

Be a good steward of business or tax-funded resources through improved operational efficiency.


Reduce response times by dispatching available crews that are the closest to the location and are enabled with visibility to the best and fastest route to arrive promptly.

Reduce fuel consumption through corrections resulting from alerts like speeding, bad routing, and excessive idling,

Ensure fleet readiness by monitoring vehicle health and automating preventative maintenance and repair schedules.

Product Features for Telematics

  • 360° view via 4 HD cameras that are front and driver facing
  • Detects good AND bad driving habits
  • In-cab Audio Alerts
  • 4G LTE connectivity with unlimited cloud storage
  • Simple, DOT compliant DVIR
  • Advanced AI Technology
Body camera product

Improve Driver Accountability

    Improve Customer Satisfaction

    Improve Driver and Public Safety

    Eliminate Inefficient Processes

    Reduce Fuel, Labor, and Maintenance Costs

    Serve More Customers Per Day

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