A Google survey found that about 65% of internet users use the same passwords for multiple services. Such poor password hygiene provides an easy passageway for cybercriminals. Once a password is stolen or becomes decoded by cybercriminals, they can access accounts on other services with the same login credentials, including your business. As high as 90% of small to mid-sized businesses have some combination of email addresses, passwords, or other PII data exposed on the Dark Web. So how do you protect your business from the dark web?

Through our efforts to increase the security posture of our clients, we have put together resources on learning more about the risks and how to protect yourself. The content below is focused on what you need to know about the dark web.

Our cybersecurity solutions for businesses include dark web monitoring. Let us show you how it works with a FREE Dark Web Scan. This is a one-time offer where we will complete a scan of a single domain name. Results will identify compromised credentials and the opportunity to take action to disable unused accounts and update user logins. 


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