Improving First-Responder I.T. Networks

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As a first-responder agency, your priority is the health and safety of your community. You didn’t sign up to be I.T. experts, but you need reliable and secure technology that is critical to life-saving decisions, connectivity to data and cooperating agency networks, and protecting the integrity of every call. Working with a Managed Services Provider (MSP) allows you to focus on your front-line work while they focus on improving first-responder I.T. networks.

An experienced MSP works with industry-leading partners to customize I.T. solutions that help improve emergency response through priority planning, rugged devices, secure networks, and managed support.

Priority Planning: The priority is the health and safety of your community, but what do you need to fulfill that service? Priority communication devices and networks? Situational awareness improvement? Better cross-agency coordination? Priority planning will address your IT, budget, devices, support, and network concerns and align them with available services, capabilities, and coverage. Work with an MSP to develop an investment roadmap around current device capabilities and what and when upgrades will be needed to meet emerging challenges and technology advancements.

Rugged Devices:  Traditional devices aren’t built to withstand volatile emergency situations. Investing in rugged, modular devices provide longer-term, more reliable remote workstations. In addition to being built to withstand harsher environments, rugged devices, like those in the TOUGHBOOK line, are built to adapt to capabilities as needed. Adaptations allow for customized workstations that provide enhanced connectivity and security, reliable and real-time communication and information sharing, and many other technology solutions that improve the safety and effectiveness of first responders.

Secure Networks: Until recently, first responders relied on the same cellular networks as the general public, which can get overwhelmed during a crisis and can more easily be accessed or disabled by bad actors. You need to make sure your I.T. infrastructure, is running on preemptive and priority access networks. Avoiding overloaded commercial networks is critical to coordinating rescue, restoration, and management efforts and improving communications and situational awareness.

Managed Support: Without well-maintained I.T. networks and devices, your agency will not be emergency-ready.  Outsourcing your I.T. support to an MSP provides an ongoing partnership with help desk support, network & asset monitoring, system patching & remediation, disaster recovery & planning, and other routine work to maintain your I.T. infrastructure.

Pearl Solutions Group is an experienced MSP that helps EMS agencies procure and manage specialized I.T. equipment that enables critical data access, connectivity to patient information and hospital intake, and protects the integrity of each call. We are specialists in planning implementing, and managing mission-critical technology focused on reliability, integrity, and security.

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