Hack Productivity with Microsoft Teams

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In the spirit of working smarter, not harder, do you know all the ways Microsoft Teams can help you and your team stay connected, communicate more effectively, and get more done in less time? From collaboration to accessibility to security to saving money, these little-known features are the way for your small business to hack productivity with Microsoft Teams.

With unlimited chats, your team can have important conversations within the same platform as other related work. You can have 1-1 to entire team chat channels and can easily add people to existing conversations.

The ability to share and co-edit files, no matter where you’re working from, is key. Teams offers 10GB of cloud storage per user, allowing you to quickly share document files by attaching them to a chat within the app. From there, you can edit documents together in real-time and use version history to track changes.

Messaging software is critical for working across projects, teams, and locations. It can also mean things get quickly lost in conversation streams. With Microsoft Teams, you’re able to filter messages and find exactly what you need, and on the same platform as all related work.

Virtual meetings are the norm, but you may be juggling multiple platform subscriptions to try to host virtual meetings or webinars and integrating necessary collateral and materials. Microsoft Teams allows you to schedule virtual meetings with just one other to hundreds of participants with easy accessibility to share your presentation materials. External participants don’t have to have a subscription or download an app, meetings can be accessed through internet browsers.

This year, Microsoft Teams has increased accessibility on the platform. There’s a new setting you can toggle on and off that will allow for live translated captions to appear during meetings. This can be a saved setting for every meeting or you can turn it on and off depending on attendee needs. You can also get the meeting transcripts to save for future reference or distribute to external participants.

Whether you’re looking for a solution to messaging, collaborative working, video calls, document sharing, or accessibility features within your organization, Microsoft Teams can help your small business accomplish exactly what you need. Most businesses already have Microsoft Teams included in their current software package and can save a lot of money by eliminating redundant services. Paying for dozens (or hundreds) of employee licenses for Slack, Zoom, Monday, Basecamp and more may be a thing of the past using the features already included in Microsoft Teams. You can also count on Microsoft data encryption security features to keep your and your clients’ information safe.

Pearl Solutions Group is a long-time Microsoft partner with decades of experience helping small businesses implement and get the most out of their solutions. Reach out to learn more about how you can hack productivity with Microsoft.


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