How 5G Will Transform Your Mobile Workforce

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5G technology combines greater speed, greater bandwidth, and lower latency to enable wireless networks to perform across a broader range of radio frequencies, allowing for faster data transmission on more sophisticated and an increased quantity of devices. While 4G brought speed, and the two will co-exist for a time, 5G’s innovation will allow businesses to have more devices on the networks collecting more data and delivering more information to users within milliseconds. So what does that mean for you? Here’s how 5G will transform your mobile workforce.

Lower latency is a BIG deal. Latency is the time required for a packet of data to make the round trip between two points. If you’re in public safety/emergency response where every millisecond is critical, this means the officers, EMS, and other staff on the scene can get a lot more data, immediately, to help them best respond to a situation. Are you in manufacturing or warehousing where on-demand ordering can wreak havoc on your inventory and cascade into customer service nightmare? That low latency means your inventory data is updated as fast as your ordering process.

The increased bandwidth of 5G means a LOT more people can access the same data at the same time, regardless of location, without slowing everyone down. With 5G enabled devices on 5G networks, your mobile workforce can be as effective as your office staff and easily accessible to you, their coworkers, and your customers. Not only can they capture and access data on the front lines or on job sites, you’ll be able to streamline your processes as you unlock transparency, visibility, and efficiency metrics from your mobile workforce.

Security was built into 5G from the ground up. Its distinct feature, called network slicing, allows businesses to share different networks and services across one infrastructure by dividing their traffic into different types. This helps make sure users are only accessing data and services necessary to their job without exposing the entire network to security gaps. 5G enables security enhancements including better identity protection capabilities, more robust encryption, and enhanced authentication support between networks and devices on modernized, virtualized systems.

5G in enterprises offers nearly limitless possibilities to innovate. But while companies are waiting for 5G technologies and 5G-enabled devices to roll out, they can make sure they incorporate 5G into their strategy for digital transformation, including expanded mobile and an approach to additional cybersecurity. Pearl Solutions Group works with small to mid-sized businesses and public agencies throughout the Midwest with IT network implementation and support and expert strategic planning services. With our own expertise and our partnerships with industry-leading technology companies like Panasonic and Sierra Wireless, we can help you get ready for 5G to transform your mobile workforce.

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