Four Tech Tools Growing Small Businesses

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There is no shortage of technology solutions for just about any small business challenge so it can be easy to fall into a situation where you’re paying a lot for something that wasn’t quite right and rarely gets used.  The key to leveraging technology advancements is to research solutions well and make sure they are set up and implemented correctly. Here are four tech tools growing small businesses through improved operations and increased efficiency.

  1. Direct Messaging Platforms – Whether everyone is in-office, remote, or hybrid, a communication tool is a must. These tools allow for targeted communication that can be one-on-one, small, select groups, entire departments, channels within the organization, or the entire organization. This feature helps to keep messages relevant instead of consuming everyone’s time. Tools like Microsoft Teams or Slack are popular options that offer video call capabilities, integrate with other tech tools, can leverage AI, and more. Other critical factors to consider when choosing which software you’ll use are whether it’s high-speed, easy to use, scalable, and whether the company provides great support.
  2. Project Management Software – This is essential for internal and external projects to keep you on track, on budget, and organized. Using this tool, you can work with others on your team to set deadlines, assign tasks, monitor deliverables, track issues, connect with clients for feedback or approval, and more. When choosing project management software, first see if there are any industry favorites. For example, JobNimbus is specialized software for roofers in the contracting industry. Others exist specifically for health care. Finding these unique options can help you get the project solutions designed more specifically for your operations. If you’re looking for a general tool, software like Monday, Asana, and ClickUp all continue to top the popularity chart.
  3. Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM) – If you’ve been tracking leads and customers via pencil and paper or with a simple spreadsheet, this tool will change the game for you. CRMs allow you to store your customer information in one place, which can help streamline your sales process, strengthen customer relationships, increase sales, and run a smoother operation. Smaller businesses can start with free versions of software like HubSpot, and scale up through their paid services as your business grows.
  4. Cloud Computing Solutions – These are vital for all organizations that share data or collaborate on projects. The cloud is a web-based hub that holds all your data virtually and can be manipulated by anyone with access at any time, even at the same time. It syncs to all connected devices to share changes in real time, allowing for better collaboration and scale as your company grows. Cloud platforms to consider are Microsoft Azure, Google Drive, Amazon Web Services (AWS), or Dropbox.

When it comes to running an efficient business, choosing the right tech tools is critical to your success. Instead of spending your limited time researching the best options, let our tech experts help. Using our FREE Network Assessment, we can help you identify bottlenecks and areas of opportunity in your business to help you save money, improve productivity and grow. Click here to book your free assessment now or call our team at 636.949.8850 to get started.

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