How to Start a Disaster Recovery Plan

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Many types of disasters can negatively impact your business. Without special measures to protect your operations, infrastructure, and staff from any harmful effects a disaster could cause, your business could be catastrophically and permanently damaged. It is critical to establish a plan before any emergency. Let’s talk about how to start a disaster recovery plan.

Identify possible hazards. All businesses face many of the same hazards including fires, workplace violence, and cyber attacks. Review your business to identify additional hazards more unique to your industry and operations, which may look like mechanical breakdowns, supplier failures, or hazardous material spills. What natural disasters may be more likely to cause damage based on your physical location? Is your area prone to tornadoes, earthquakes, or hurricanes? Establishing a comprehensive list of possible hazards will help you better think through the response and resources needed to mitigate those risks.

Identify assets at risk. If a disaster happens, what assets could be damaged or disrupted? Consider making a list for each hazard you have identified and know that assets at risk could be duplicated among the hazards. Assets may include employees or visitors at your place of business, property, equipment, IT systems and devices, physical goods, finances and accounts, and reputation.

Anticipate hazard impacts. Your business needs to be equipped to minimize the consequences of any disaster so anticipating the impacts is critical to recovery. Disasters can cause person casualties, property damage, customer loss, operation disruption, environmental contamination, fines and penalties, lawsuits, and loss of confidence and standing. List these impacts and create a strategy to allocate the resources and training to respond with efficient and proficient recovery processes.

When it comes to disasters that impact your IT network and devices, having a trusted partner who can help you plan, protect, and provide expert resources may be critical to a quick and complete recovery. Pearl Solutions Group is a Managed Service Provider with expertise in building, managing, securing, and recovering IT networks. During the month of September, we are offering a Disaster Recovery Business Assessment (a $300 value!) for FREE! 

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