4 Ways to Optimize Your Mobile Workforce

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When you have staff working primarily in vehicles out in the field, it is critical they are reliably connected to your home office, worksite information, and customer data to effectively do their jobs. Their work truck IS their workspace and should be just as efficient and secure as the desktop in your office. Optimize your mobile workforce with rugged hardware, high-performance wiring and mounting, and software solutions to better maintain and manage your field teams.

Mobility Devices: Sending your mobile workforce out with traditional laptops and personal mobile devices made for temperature controlled offices is not adequate and will cost your more long-term. Rugged devices are engineered to withstand the harsher environments of field work. Durable laptops, handhelds, printers, and accessories are built to offer longer-life, continuous battery power, superior connectivity, and strenuous security. Their durability makes them a better buy when considering total cost of ownership (TCO). A typical office laptop has an average lifecycle of 2-3 years. When accounting for things like average repair costs (break-fix support, out-of-pocket costs, end-user lost productivity, IT repair time, and end-user and IT time to replace data), the TCO of even just 10 TOUGHBOOK devices compared to 10 consumer devices is $8,000 less at that 3 year mark.

Mounting Equipment: As you sit at your desk, most likely your computer, monitors, docking stations, and all the wiring needed for good connectivity are safely secured to avoid hazards. Tech devices in vehicles shouldn’t be treated any differently. Loose devices and wiring can be major distractions and safety hazards. Mounting equipment made specifically for your devices AND your vehicle will safely secure mobile communication systems, computers, and other tech equipment in your vehicles. Depending on the vehicle and the use-case, mounting options can be installed as pedestal, console, dash, or motion-function systems. This keeps mobile workstations at the ready without posing safety risks to your team.

Power & Connectivity: Access to your company network is critical, but connectivity out in the field, especially in rural areas can be far less reliable. Your mobile workforce needs superior power management, wiring, timers, connection devices, and a network that reliably connects them with the technology they need for on-time, accurate, and efficient work. You may need a unit customized for your vehicle, devices, and network with boosters to help you ensure their mobile workstation is reliably connected.

Telematics with Smart Cameras: Telematics is the tool that detects and displays driver and environmental data to improve dispatching, safety, accountability, and efficiency in your fleet vehicles. Improve your mobile workforce with GPS tracking, real-time monitoring, and usage & safety metrics. These are all tools to help you training and manage your mobile workforce, improve safety and operations, reduce costs, and help you serve more customers with even better satisfaction.

Pearl Solutions Group knows how to equip and support your mobile workforce with the devices, network, and security they need to serve your customers in the field. Our in-house team are experts in design, integration, installation, kitting, and support services and we partner with the very best in mobile technology and mounting product manufacturers in the market to provide you with the best end-to-end mobile workforce solution. Contact us to optimize your mobile workforce.

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