More Passwords, More Problems

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Your staff is divided into two password behaviors and both of them are a problem for your business. One set uses the same password for every application, likely for business AND personal access. The other diligently sets a different password for every application, but the sheer volume of passwords that dozens of access points require make them impossible to remember. The first set is a HUGE hacking risk, the second is regularly wasting valuable time working their way through “forgot password’ processes, getting increasingly annoyed and frustrated. Both sets likely agree more passwords, more problems.

There IS a simple solution: a password manager.

A password manager is like a digital vault; creating, managing, and encrypting multiple passwords on your behalf and requiring you to remember just ONE master password to access the vault. A password manager allows your employees to establish the complex and unique passwords necessary for better network security and removes the lost time and frustration of constant password resets.

Password managers come with a variety of structures. The three most common types are desktop, cloud-based, and single sign-on.

  • A desktop password manager encrypts and stores passwords directly on a user’s machine, limiting the potential for breaches. However, if your staff is using multiple devices (desktop, laptop, mobile devices, etc), a desktop password manager will NOT be useful across all their devices.
  • A cloud-based password manager lives in the cloud and can be accessed from any device, regardless of network or location. This is a better solution for users with multiple devices or hybrid workers. This does introduce a third-party password management provider which can increase risks of breaches so it is critical to ensure that partner is adhering to strong security measures that protects your data.
  • Single sign-on password managers are most common for businesses. In this tool, all websites and accounts required can be accessed using a single sign-on (password) as opposed to different usernames and passwords for different services. Single sign-on solutions generally consolidate passwords on platforms that are all related (like the stack of work sites hosted internally).

A password manager helps you better manage your network security by creating stronger access requirements and relieving your staff from the lost time and frustration of struggling to create and remember dozens of long and complex passwords. If you’re ready to set up a password manager for your business, we can help. Call us at 636-949-8850 or fill out our contact form to get started.

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