5 Services of MDR Beyond Basic Cybersecurity Practices

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Hopefully, you are already engaged in cybersecurity services that offer security alert monitoring and manage firewalls. While prevention and perimeter protection are important, they are no longer enough to detect and stop cyberattacks on their own. MDR (Managed Detection & Response) offers services beyond basic cybersecurity practices by supplementing efforts with a proactive focus on real-time threat detection, threat hunting, and active response. MDR significantly reduces the time to detect and respond to emerging cyber threats; critical to minimizing damages to your organization.  

24/7 proactive managed threat hunting for unknowns on network and endpoints. Threat intelligence and hunting experts proactively uncover advanced attacks and stop breaches to minimize impact.

Intelligence-based threat detection, triage, and extensive forensics. AI-guided investigations identify the origin of compromise, the extent of breaches, and malicious actor attribution and intent.

Team of experienced threat detection experts available via phone, email, text. Organizations can ease demands on their existing staff while still getting the advanced EDR skills they need when they need them.

Access to global threat intelligence and analysis. Improved threat intelligence based on indicators and behaviors captured from global insights

Integrated endpoint and network security technology. Experts provide specific recommendations to contain the ongoing incident, minimize potential damage, develop or enhance security capabilities to prevent future breaches, and assist in remediation coordination.

In the face of seemingly overwhelming security threats and campaigns, organizations are also coping with increasing security budgets and a challenging security job market lean on skilled security analysts. Gaining more protection, insight, and compliance without adding more tools and people is a goal that enterprises of all sizes seek. MDR can provide beneficial security services capable of meeting and sustaining an organization’s goals.

Join Pearl President & COO, Floyd Bell, and Blackpoint Cyber’s Jamie Moore for a conversation on the state of cybersecurity and increasingly sophisticated attacks and further insight into what Managed Detection & Response (MDR) is and how it can protect your business. View the previously recorded webinar.

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