The statistics on cyber attacks are staggering. 2,244 attacks are initiated by hackers every day and damages from successful attacks are projected to hit $6 Trillion this year. While you may have implemented the basics – backing up your data, patching your systems, having good anti-virus and firewall – improving your security posture is going to require more. Cybercrime is an incredibly lucrative industry with many highly motivated criminals working to bypass traditional defenses. Managed Detection and Response (MDR) significantly reduces the time to detect and respond to emerging cyber threats; quick detection and rapid response are critical to minimizing infrastructure and financial damages to your organization.

MDR analysts get to know your business, understanding individual users and how they need to interact within your network and what data they use as part of their day-to-day processes. This allows them to be able to identify when there is a bad guy in the environment and immediately cut off that access.  For example, when a computer is being accessed remotely by someone with no historical business need or known use cases of that information, an MDR analyst would stop that access and investigate the activity. Cutting off their access as soon as possible is critical to reducing lateral spread across your network and minimizing the collection of information or data that could lead to further attack through leaks, mimed activity, or continued access.

Through our efforts to increase the security posture of our clients, we have put together resources on learning more about the risks and how to protect yourself. Our cybersecurity solutions for businesses include managed detection and response. Let us show you how it works with a FREE vulnerability scan. This is a one-time offer where we will complete a scan of external IP addresses. Results will identify common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVE) and open ports. 


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