How Safe Are Your Mobile Workers?

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Previously, we shared the importance of having unique tools for a productive mobile employee as compared to the office employee. What is not unique is the company’s responsibility to provide a safe and comfortable work environment.

Safety within the vehicle with a ruggedized laptop or tablet begins with choosing crash-tested hardware and a certified installation technician.  Both are required to protect not only the occupants, but also the vehicle and installed components.  Care must be given to also provide the operators’ posture, even with the size constraints due to the vehicle or individual.

Most of the in-vehicle mounting system industry leaders will provide a statement on its testing capabilities and airbag safety.  As with most installed after-products, strict care must be taken to follow the vehicle manufacture’s specifications so they do not interfere with the deployment of an airbag.

These outlines from Gamber Johnson (one of our partners)are essential to consider:

  • Any surface that could come into contact with an inflated air bag should be “friendly“ to avoid damage to the air bag. This means surfaces should be free of sharp edges, corners or protrusions.
  • If computers will be accessed into and used in the Air Bag Deployment Zone, choose a laptop computer car mount system that allows for safe re-positioning. It is important that mount stability is not compromised for mobility. Mounting systems should provide control over motion capability through adjustable tension.
  • If equipment cannot be installed safely out of the Air Bag Deployment Zone due to space constraints, permission can be granted from the NHTSA to de-activate the air bag.
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Another important consideration is ergonomics. The mobile worker will be spending their entire day in the vehicle and just as in an office, their health and comfort is paramount. During installation consideration must be taken for employee’s back, shoulder, wrist, hands, neck, and legs.

The safety of your mobile worker includes preventing distracted driving. The potential harm to themselves and other drivers on the road can be an enormous liability if not properly addressed. According to recent statistics, 1,000 people are injured in distracted related crashed in the U.S. each day. In one accident a $21m fine was levied on a company due to an employee distracted crash.

There are products that can help to prevent these distractions with the ability to hide, block or allow the use of any application while in motion or at rest. This ensures that your driver focuses on the task at hand – driving safely – and your organization can rest easily knowing you are preventing accidents.

Overall, the safety and comfort of your mobile workers are key to ensuring efficiency, productivity and high morale. Find out how Pearl Solutions Group can help by filling out the form below, and we’ll reach out to you.

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