6 Benefits of a Remote Workforce

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While businesses initially felt adjustment pains when the majority of the workforce relocated their workspaces to their homes, the long-term has revealed many benefits to remote work. Instead of crippling the workforce, newer technologies, reliable internet access, and advances in cyber security allowed for a great experiment of what the workspace of the present and future could be. Organizations that adopt digital tools for an untethered workforce realized increases in productivity, employee engagement, and revenue growth.  Here are six benefits of a remote workforce.

Achieve better customer service. Especially with fleet and field-based personnel, improved access to company data and systems not only drastically improves efficiency but can also improve the customer experience. Employees can provide immediate customer answers by accessing data from their mobile device instead of waiting until they return to the office.

Lessen employee stress. Removing the pressure of a daily commute while providing an easier work/life balance can translate into higher levels of productivity and fewer sick days. One report showed a 67% increase in productivity of remote workers.

Decrease real estate costs. You can decrease your office footprint with less need for a permanent desk space for all employees. Right-size your office space by creating shared workstations for remote/flexible employees, eliminating unused office space and reducing your leasing and utility costs.

Work without borders or high travel costs. Businesses can provide 24×7 customer service or establish continuous workflows with employees scattered across time zones. Video chats and meetings using mobile phones or web browsers can take the place of the logistics and expense of traveling to a central site.

Add business continuity. Aside from a global pandemic, businesses experience shut-downs or limited productivity hours for a variety of reasons. When you have enabled your workforce with a strong mobility infrastructure, downtime experienced from an unexpected emergency or disaster can be minimized or even eliminated. The right investment and maintenance of a digital network can keep your employees working.

Expand the talent pool. By having access to an at-home or from anywhere workforce, your talent pool drastically widens. Unrestrained by geography or workplace accommodations, you will increase access to qualified applicants with specialized skill sets and diverse experiences.

The challenge is how to transform employee workspaces into secure, highly collaborative and productive environments, and allow employees to access critical business applications securely and remotely. Whether building the right infrastructure for at-home workers or field and fleet, you will need the right hardware, network, security, and support. Learn how Pearl Solutions Group simplifies the management, maintenance, and support of end-user devices, IT infrastructure, and cybersecurity.

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