Backups Won’t Save You From Ransomware Attacks

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Cybercrime continues to be a lucrative endeavor with damages expected to top $1 Trillion this year. Threat actors are motivated to become increasingly sophisticated and capitalize in as many ways as possible once they have breached your network. On average, ransomware nets them $42,000 per attack on small businesses. While you may be protected from paying the ransom, your business will still be critically disrupted. On their own, backups won’t save you from ransomware attacks.

While backups are essential to recovering critical business data, they can also be damaged or encrypted by attackers, restored to the same breached state they backed up, and always take time to restore. It can take an entire day to completely restore EACH employee’s computer and their network access. Backup restoration can easily disrupt your ability to do business as usual for several weeks.

Most importantly, restoring backups does NOT fix the vulnerabilities that led to the breach, leaving you at risk for further attacks. How did the threat actor obtain access? Do they still have access with the information they learned about your network? Were they able to laterally spread across your network? Do they have data or files they can sell or expose for further damages?

You need a layered cybersecurity stack to most effectively protect your business. Yes, you still need the basics – backup your data, patch your systems, have good anti-virus and firewall. But the increased motivation, sophistication, and exploitation from threat actors means you need to do much more. Solutions need to include applications that identify, protect, detect & respond, and recover from cyber-attacks.

Device monitoring & patch management

– Next-gen firewall
– Secure remote access
– Multi-factor authentication
– Email security
– Next-gen antivirus

Detect & Respond
– 24/7 managed detection and response

-Backup & disaster recovery

We understand that cybersecurity can seem complex and expensive but we are committed to providing enterprise-grade services to our clients at affordable rates. We follow the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) framework and align your plan with corporate objectives that meet compliance standards and move you away from ad-hoc and reactive security efforts. Let us help you identify opportunities to better protect your business with a

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