Aging Field Technology is a Problem

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For a lot of construction, utility, and other service companies, aging field technology is a problem, and one not noticeable until it causes an issue. Leaders may hesitate to invest in new technologies without understanding the full range of cost benefits those solutions can offer, and the decision on how to spend money on technology can directly impact growth.

Thinking of IT as just phone and laptop repair experts not only diminishes their role, it keeps companies from reaching their fullest potential. Today, every aspect of a job is impacted by technology, as smartphones and tablets dominate offices and job sites. A healthy business requires a healthy IT infrastructure including updated equipment.

One key deficiency in many service fleet-based businesses is an accessible and secure data strategy. Even with the widespread use of smart devices, much of the industry is still working manually or via spreadsheets for file and data sharing. This not only leaves a large margin of user error and cybersecurity gap, it disconnects your field teams from the office-based team and accurate and updated data. Implementing a digital data solution and providing simplified access on portable devices better connects your field teams and improves their service interactions.

When building a budget and strategy to upgrade and maintain a healthy IT infrastructure, leaders should consider:

  • What in our business causes frustration?
  • How can technology improve our processes?
  • What are our technology priorities?
  • What are the best technology solutions to generate a positive return?
  • How can we distribute the cost of our technology investment?

Remembering that updates are a process is critical to success. Your team needs time to adjust and your IT staff or partner needs time to fully implement. When one improvement is accomplished, it’s easier for everyone to take the next step. Make sure to document and report all along the way. Sharing those iteration successes with the company at large is great for morale and future growth.

Like other more operational business updates, it’s a bit difficult to measure ROI. A good measurement is looking at the annual return. If the cost is covered through more efficient resources and a positive impact on the bottom line, you should purchase and implement.

Pearl Solutions Group can help you replace your aging field technology. We are experienced with equipping and supporting IT infrastructure for mobile workforces. We work with technology-leading partners like Panasonic TOUGHBOOK to provide the most durable and secure devices for your fleet. Learn more about optimizing your field team through equipment and network updates.

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