Internet of Things

Integrate your existing devices and systems with IoT solutions that can be tailored to your specific needs, helping uncover data and insights that transform your business and bring new opportunities.

Electronics and Sensors

With the power of distributed intelligence—embedded in your sensors and other devices—your network becomes more active and engaged, more efficient and reliable.

Changes happen when and where they need to, in the field as those devices detect, analyze and adapt to real-time events to keep your IoT network running at its peak performance.

Application Development

Rely on PSG and Azure IoT Hub to easily and securely connect your Internet of Things (IoT) assets. We can create a custom dashboard to manage all of your devices.

Additionally, ThingWorx Utilities are feature-rich tools and mash-ups that enable and support the rapid deployment and adoption of powerful IoT applications.

Mesh Network

A wireless mesh network (WMN) is a communications network made up of radio nodes organized in a mesh topology. This network allows Internet of Things (IoT) end points and mobile devices across geographies that spans a few miles or thousands of miles to connect.


Data Analytics

Using analytics can help companies understand the Internet of Things data at their disposal, with an eye toward reducing maintenance costs, avoiding equipment failures and improving business operations.

What Sets Pearl Solutions Group Apart?

Infrastructure Experience

Having expertise in not only mobile workforce, but IT infrastructure allows Pearl to support your business from end-to-end.

Consultative Approach

Understanding the unique hardware and software challenges of a mobile workforce for organizations of every size.


Our Customer Service

We at Pearl Solutions Group believe that every customer, and thus their needs and solutions, are unique.


Baumann Property Company, Inc.

Pearl Solutions Group responded to our initial request in a very quick and professional fashion getting our server and systems back on line and in perfect working order in no time.

Keller Williams

Knowledge is expected….Customer service is delivered….out of the box thinking and innovation was beyond what we expected…Thank you Pearl for taking my company to the next level and leaving the competition behind….


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