Network Monitoring

Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics solutions enables you to understand and monitor the performance of the networks and applications that deliver them to end-users, as they work together in your network.

Networks are more than just a collection of routers and switches. Massive adoption of virtualization, webification of applications and the shift to mobile devices has increased the complexity of managing networks. According to Forrester Research, 31% of performance issues take more than a month to resolve, or are never resolved.

In the face of greater application volume, variety, and interdependency, network management approaches tend to break down for several reasons:


No linkage between network monitoring and troubleshooting


The end-user perspective is missing


Lack of an application performance perspective


Manual correlation is required across datasets

Improve user satisfaction

We can monitor the current end-to-end health of business-critical applications as an aggregate service, rather than as its constituent components. You can share this info easily across IT, management, and business stakeholders who need visibility into info on how critical applications are performing.

Application performance issues are solved faster with our network performance monitoring and diagnostics because you:


Know about problems before end-users do with proactive alerting

See what’s happening, as it happens, with real-time analytics


Keep on top of critical application health with service monitoring

Understand how it all works together with dependency mapping

What Sets Pearl Solutions Group Apart?


H&H Health Associates

Pearl is my trusted resource for all our technology needs. They work hard to fully understand our business goals/objectives & provide us with invaluable guidance/solutions. I recommend Pearl to anyone.

Laclede Gas

Pearl Solutions Group provides Laclede Gas in-field support for Panasonic Toughbook’s installations in vehicles. Pearl always keeps on a schedule to correct deficiencies with minimal disruption to Laclede’s fleet operation.


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