managed services st. louis

By combining our Managed Services St. Louis businesses trust with our Strategic Planning offerings, Pearl Solutions Group provides an end-to-end solution for customers to provide the needed resources and oversight to the IT operations as well as ensure the technology choices they make will not get in the way of growing their business.

Businesses are continually facing challenges in scaling and managing their IT infrastructure while effectively reducing costs.  System stability, availability, and performance are critical to running a successful organization.

How We Help

Pearl Solutions Group has the capability and knowledge you need to manage your systems while your staff focuses on other, higher value, business initiatives and reducing your total cost of ownership (TCO) of your IT system support.

Technology Experts

By involving our highly-trained experts, your employees can focus on their core competencies and help your company grow. 


Needs Based Solutions

By letting Pearl handle your technology environment, you can ensure you always have the right solution providing security and all of the needed infrastructure.


Nationwide Coverage

Proactively managing your nationwide network will allow constant diagnosis and prevention of downtime and serious issues across the enterprise.

Additional benefits of using Pearl Solutions Group for the Managed Services St. Louis trusts include:


A reduction in system outages by up to 20%


A reduction of labor costs needed to support your IT infrastructure


Increases in system availability


Live help desk with issue tracking and automatic escalation processes


Access to a team of skilled professionals


Improvement of up to 25% in time to repair

Our Solutions

Pearl Solutions Group provides the Managed Services St. Louis companies need.

System Monitoring

We monitor the current end-to-end health of your entire system as an aggregate service.

Help Desk and Support Services

Our certified, service professionals enact computing solutions that elevate IT system performance to its fullest.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Our Managed Services program includes creating, managing, and testing your backup and recovery strategy.

Managed Security Services

Monitoring your entire environment and addressing threatening system issues immediately.

Virtual CIO Services

The technical and business expertise you can rely on to ensure you are taking advantage of the right technology with IT solutions that align with your company’s overall operational budget.

What Sets Pearl Solutions Group Apart?

Infrastructure Experience

Having expertise in not only managed services, but IT infrastructure allows Pearl to support your business from end-to-end.

Consultative Approach

Understanding the unique hardware and software challenges of managed services for organizations of every size.


Our Customer Service

We at Pearl Solutions Group believe that every customer, and thus their needs and solutions, are unique.


Western Construction Group

Pearl Solutions Group has been my partner for over 17 years and has been a pleasure with which to work. In my position, I purchase and support all of the computers for the company.

International Design Services, Inc.

Pearl Solutions Group has been our go-to place for any and all computer issues for the past 2 years now, and we have been very happy with the high level of service they provide!


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