Information Technology is a crucial part of any business. In most organizations, this ranges from hardware, such as servers, PCs, printers or scanners, to software systems such as a database, email or web applications. These IT systems are increasingly complex with technologies like virtualization and cloud computing becoming part of the infrastructure. Advancements in technology make managing these services a complicated endeavor.

Businesses are continually facing challenges in scaling and managing their IT infrastructure while effectively reducing costs. System stability, availability, and performance are critical to running a successful organization.

Managed Services gives an organization’s decision makers control over which services will be managed by the IT company, and which ones will be kept in-house. In addition, it gives their users access to a team of technology experts, who are just a call or email away. As their needs change, the services can be tailored and optimized. This solution provides continuity of business operations with constant network monitoring, fault detection, active virus prevention, and system administration.

This white paper will discuss how Managed Services work, why companies choose them, the business value of Managed Services, and what to look for in a Managed Services Provider.

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